Star Cushion Products Inc.

Stabil-Air Cushion

Stabil-Air Cushion

As Seen at ISS: Is this the best of both worlds? Star Cushion’s new Stabil-Air features contoured foam that resides inside each of the cushion’s air cells. The contoured foam is shorter in areas where the user’s legs, buttocks and coccyx interface with the cushion. Taller foam structures are contained in the air cells closer to the cushion’s perimeter. The foam provides stability and facilitates transfers, while also ensuring the user doesn’t ever fully bottom out, even if the cushion loses air. The Stabil-Air is available in four sizes — single-valve/adjustable skin protection in widths greater than and less than 22", plus dual- and quad-valve models with adjustable skin protection and widths greater than and less than 22".

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