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Tarta Backrest

Tarta Backrests

The Tarta series of backrests combines avant garde materials with ergonomic designs to create postural supports that are adaptable and can be highly personalized. Apply slats of different shapes and measurements to the desired number of vertebrae, and choose different kinds of padding on each vertebra as well. The harmonic steel used within the vertebrae “memorizes” its original position when subjected to distortion, which gives the Tarta system flexibility and resistance. The upper section is more flexible and easily adapts to the movement of the user’s body to maintain postural control, while lower vertebrae, when locked, offer effective lower-back support.

An ATP & Clinician Best Pick of 2016:

What can I say — this is pure genius. Adjustable. Customization to the max. From the custom graphics to the deep contour (great shape for trunk/thoracic support) and breathability, this is functional and beautiful.

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