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An ATP & Clinician Best Pick of 2016:

The Omnilink is hands down the most durable, secure and stable lateral system which offers what seems like unlimited combinations of positioning. Finally, a lateral system which can accommodate for width, height, adjustability, change in patient position, address pressure relief at the trunk and stay in place when mounted. I cannot emphasize this enough. As a therapist assistant, I see clients with tone, both hypertonicity which has been known for bending, breaking and mispositioning laterals in the past, as well as patients who are hypotonic and cannot support their own torso, thus requiring aggressive support to maintain position.

The Omnilink applies to any type of client. I have yet to see a patient who is in need of lateral support who does not benefit from the Omnilink. The Omnilink’s range is unparalleled. A single Omnilink can accommodate for changes in weight, season, clothing, client progression, you name it. It only came out a couple of months ago, but already I can tell, I’m going to be saving my clients a lot in equipment costs with the Omnilink. As a physical therapy assistant, I spend the majority of my time troubleshooting and fixing seating systems and/or referring the patient back to the PT for equipment recommendation. The Omnilink has found a solution for age-old stabilization problems and given the world of wheelchair seating a much-awaited industry leader in a lateral system.

— Cathy Houston, PTA, Precision Seating Solutions LLC & Memorial Health System

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