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This versatile standing system works as a prone, supine or upright stander without the need to purchase additional parts. Just change from headrest to chin support, and reverse the tray. Superstand grows 22" in height without additional parts, and positioning options — such as footplate and knee block assembly — can be quickly adjusted without needing tools. Supine grows from 26" to 48", and prone grows from 30" to 50". The system accommodates clients from 26" to 50" tall. Body pads are soft and supportive, and hip/chest systems have width-adjustable hip guides/lateral pads with a choice of 90° brackets, 1" offset or 2" offset. Order any combination to suit your client.

An ATP & Clinician Best Pick of 2016:

Now you can use a stander for a person with knee flexion contractures while preserving hip range of motion. The new knee contracture brackets from Prime Engineering can be added to any SuperStand stander. Traditional sit-to-stand devices link the amount of hip and knee flexion so that you cannot bend one joint without bending the other. This new system allows for full adjustments on all planes and can accommodate severe asymmetries.

— Ginny Paleg, PT, DScPT

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