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Kuschall Ultralights

Küschall Ultralights

Invacare Corp. officially relaunched the Küschall product line to the United States during March’s International Seating Symposium in Nashville — founder Rainer Küschall himself was on hand for the introduction. The first arrivals are the K-Series Attract, the Champion and the Advance. Invacare is billing the rigid K-SERIES as a versatile and configurable everyday chair that can accommodate all types of users. The CHAMPION (pictured) is foldable in a single motion, including its footrest, while being engineered for greater “rigid-esque” stability in its ride. The Advance offers the opportunity to swap out the front frame via a quickrelease option for environments or tasks that require a more compact footprint. The Küschall chairs become Invacare’s premium offerings in the ultralightweight space; each chair is handcrafted in Switzerland to meet its user’s specifications.

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