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Quickie QM-7 Enhancements

Quickie QM-7 Enhancements

Sunrise Medical’s popular mid-wheeldrive QM-7 power chair has a series of enhancements aimed at optimizing and fine-tuning its performance for every user’s particular needs. SureTrac Encoder Motor Technology (pictured) automatically corrects small deviations in its user’s driving, resulting in a straighter ride that requires fewer input corrections and overall, a more comfortable ride. SureTrac’s self-compensating drive control accounts for resistance at each of the QM-7’s wheels and sends appropriate amperage to each motor. That acts to neutralize different terrains such as carpet, hardwood floors and slopes. The QM-7 also is compatible with an array of electronics options, including PG Drives’ joystick with built-in Bluetooth and infrared controls; an Advanced Ctrl+5 toggles and buttons (also pictured, to conveniently access up to five seating functions, and with a handy USB port that can charge mobile devices) and Switch-It’s Dual Pro proportional head array.

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