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Acta-Relief Back

Acta-Relief Back

An ATP & Clinician Best Pick of 2017:

I have been using the Acta-Relief back with my geriatric population in skilled nursing home facilities with phenomenal results. The back accommodates to the typical kyphotic posture of many of the geriatric population, provides adequate lateral support without laterals most of the time, and my customers find it comfortable. It satisfies the PT/OT positioning goals and satisfies the comfort requirements of my geriatric clients and their families. It is a win-win.

— Jeffrey Cupps, ATP, Numotion

For an off-the-shelf back, it gives you the most adjustment for severe kyphosis, etc. It utilizes “Boa” technology. I had only seen it on hiking boots before this back. You pull a button on the back to release tension, position the person in the back, push the button in, turn the button to tighten some wires, and it is an almost exact mold. Very simple. Change is just as simple. Pull the button, remold.

— John Zona, ATP,CRTS, Reliant Medical Group

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