F5 Corpus VS

F5 Corpus VS

Described as “standing without compromise,” Permobil’s new F5 front-wheel-drive power base with the Corpus VS standing option allows the user to drive from any point of the standing sequence. A redesigned chest bar offers greater user comfort and stability while upright. The F5 Corpus VS still retains 50° of posterior tilt, 85-180° of power recline and an optional 14" of seat elevation so consumers can access the precise positioning they need to optimally function throughout the day. The power positioning options also enable the consumer to achieve the best weight-shifting positions, while enjoying improved respiration and circulation in standing mode.

An ATP & Clinician Best Pick of 2017:

Permobil F5 VS Group 4 power wheelchair with multiple power options including a standing feature: The reasoning behind it is it is very beneficial for specific patient diagnoses and very difficult to get funding sources to pay for them, so it gives us RTS’s purpose and cause.

— Frank Lane, ATP, CRTS, National Seating & Mobility

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