Virtual Seating Coach

Virtual Seating Coach

The effectiveness of powered seat functions depends on the power chair client using them correctly and consistently. Permobil, in partnership with the University of Pittsburgh, has launched the Virtual Seating Coach (VSC), designed to allow clinicians to program their seating recommendations, such as how often and far back to tilt and recline. VSC alerts clients when it’s time to reposition, tracks their compliance, and could help establish evidence for medical justification of power seat functions.

An ATP & Clinician Best Pick of 2017:

We know that keeping people focused on using their tilt and recline, tracking that data and reporting back to our therapists will change the face of rehab and how we do, what we do. More importantly, it will keep patients out of the hospital because they will be using the equipment properly. This tool is a vital game changer in the rehab industry. Outcomes are everything. Virtual Seating Coach is one of the best new products offered.

— Joe McKnight, ATP/SMS, CRTS, Numotion

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