Zing MPS

Zing MPS

An ATP & Clinician Best Pick of 2017:

Set-up friendly for ATP/therapists with a lot of growth potential to meet the needs of the kiddo.

— Kathy Fallon, ATP, Kennebec Pharmacy & Home Care

I love this product because it provides a way for my clients to stand with hips in abduction, and to work in prone as well as upright. By working in prone, I have been able to help kids become stronger that don’t enjoy being prone on the floor — helping them make motoric changes much faster because they enjoy prone in their standers so the parents will use it more. I also love that I can order this product for my little ones as early as 9 months and know that it will grow to 44” or about kindergarten to second grade, depending on their size. As a therapist, I feel good about ordering a quality product that will grow for that many years!

— Mary Miles, PT, DPT, ATP, White Bear Lake B-2 early intervention

Stander allows for easy supine transfer. Once positioned, the client can be raised upright and even into prone position without changing or replacing parts. Easy to adjust for positioning and growth. Best part are the colorful positioning component covers.

— Lindsey Rea, ATP, Numotion

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