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With a unique frame design, the ROVI X3 creates more stability for pediatric users while also featuring one of the smallest bases available, at just 23.25" in overall width. Thanks to a turning radius of 20", the ROVI X3 is able to access a number of tighter environments. A powerful drivetrain and patented ARC suspension create a commanding, but nimble driving experience. The battery compartment holds two Group 34 batteries, or — if a ventilator is needed — the compartment will hold three 50-amp-hour batteries. A complimentary USB port charges kids’ electronics.

An ATP & Clinician Best Pick of 2017:

Narrow wheelbase that is great for old houses; offers multitude of options for seating functions to make it as customized as each person requires.

— Kathy Fallon, ATP, Kennebec Pharmacy & Home Care

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