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Zippie Kidz

Zippie Kidz

Key Kids’ Words: Built for independent toddlers

The Zippie Kidz is the smallest pediatric rigid wheelchair that Sunrise Medical offers. It is ideal for growing toddlers learning to navigate their world. With a depth-adjustable back, seat depth can grow as much as 3". Additional depth and width growth may be achieved by replacing parts. Self-propulsion allows children to explore and interact, and the Kidz was designed to give toddlers maximum independence by providing them age- and ability-appropriate access to the wheels. When a child is learning to propel, the push wheels can be placed in reverse configuration at the front of the frame for best access. As a child’s reach grows, the wheels may be moved to the rear of the frame. Because interaction with peers is essential to child development, the Kidz has seat heights as low as 10 3/4". With 28 colors to choose from, children can customize their chairs to their personal tastes.

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