Permobil Connect

Permobil Connect

Permobil Connect comprehensively connects its power chairs to their users and providers. It uses an internal SIM card to communicate to the My Permobil user app and with the provider’s Fleet Management web portal, and has integrated Bluetooth to communicate with the Virtual Seating Coach app. Clients use smartphones or tablets and the My Permobil app to check on info such as battery charge and how far they’ve traveled. Providers use Permobil Connect’s maintenance feature to be proactive on service issues. Permobil Connect is standard on the M3 Corpus, M5 Corpus, F3 Corpus, F5 Corpus and F5 Corpus VS.

An ATP & Clinician Best Pick of 2018:

The addition of Connect to Permobil chairs is a real improvement. First, the fact that part of the system does not rely on a smartphone or Bluetooth is great, as many users do not have that technology. Many manufacturers have the ability to look at chair function remotely now, but most require Bluetooth to do so.

So, the ability to do this without Bluetooth opens up the functionality to everyone who uses a wheelchair. Additionally, the fact that Virtual Seating Coach (VSC) is now free for individuals who do have smartphones or tablets is great. So many clients forget to use their power features, and they say they wish they had a reminder. This is exactly that!

Plus, for my clients who I want to drive slightly tilted to help with seating, the VSC can show them they are tilted the 10-15° I’ve recommended. VSC has been around for a while, but it was always an upcharge feature that most of my clients could not afford. So, this is a real step forward.

— Lauren Rosen, PT, MPT, MSMS, ATP/SMS, Program Coordinator, Motion Analysis Center, St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital of Tampa

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