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Axiom ASP Cushion

Axiom ASP Cushion

2022 Mobility Product Award Winner: Cushions, Skin Protection, Adjustable Cushions, Skin Protection & Positioning, Adjustable

The ASP has all the benefits of the Axiom AS cushion, but with added height and contours for even more stability and better positioning for the rider. The ASP’s patented, self-adjusting fluid system uses a rider’s body weight and physical characteristics to control immersion and envelopment. The cushion allows femurs, trochanters, and ischia to be independently loaded, creating optimal pressure distribution and maximum stability. Once the desired fitting is achieved, the adjustment can be locked in. The fitting can be readjusted if needs change, but refitting solely for maintenance is unnecessary. The lightweight Hydrolite fluid is less sensitive to temperature to maintain performance consistency regardless of climate. Surface tension is significantly reduced by Ki’s super four-way-stretch Lycra outer cover for better immersion. The design features a dense layer of reticulated foam under a layer of spacer fabric for superior airflow and moisture control. The result is an easily adjustable cushion with an ideal fit and a cooler, drier skin interface for the rider.

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In Support of Upper-Extremity Positioning