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MPS Maxx

MPS Maxx

Available exclusively on the ROVI A3 power wheelchair base, the standUP Maxx system combines power standing with a full range of power positioning, all in a modular design with a compact footprint and tight turning radius. The Modular Power Standing (MPS) system is offered in a range of configurations: Choices include -45° CG Tilt Only with Synchronized Center Mount Foot Platform; -45° CG Tilt Only with Belt Drive Center Mount Articulating Foot Platform (BDC); and -45° CG Tilt, 7" Seat Elevation with Synchronized Center Mount Foot Platform. Talk to your rep for more possibilities.

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Sunrise Medical



This new standing wheelchair combines the Q700 M mid-wheel-drive base with Sunrise’s SEDEO ERGO seating to give users the power to stand. A new biomechanical standing/seating system gives its user the ability to stand up to 77° to enhance independence and function, and to tap into the many benefits of standing. The chair has up to six programmable memory positions, accessible with the touch of a button, to create a user-friendly system. The QUICKIE Q700-UP M features Spider-Trac 2.0 Suspension Biometric Positioning and reliable 4-pole QUICKIE motors.

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Bantam Updates

Bantam Updates

The Bantam line of standers offer sit-to-stand action that can combine the option of supine positioning to create infinite positioning possibilities: 90-90 sitting, fully vertical standing, full supine lying, and any point in between. Check out new flat and curved lateral options now available across the entire Bantam line of standers! Lateral supports can provide excellent midline positioning for children with limited trunk control. Easystand’s Web site options make it easy to configure and generate Bantam quotes, write a Letter of Medical Necessity, or request a Bantam demo.

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