January 2014 Mobility Management

January 2014


Ultralightweight manual wheelchairs

Funding Series

Justify It! K0005 Manual Chairs

Ultralights Can Maximize Consumers' Independence, but First, ATPs and Clinicians Have to Make Their Case

By Laurie Watanabe

Early-Intervention Power

Pediatrics Series

Early-Intervention Power: Who Can Participate?

Do Kids Need to Be Ready for Independent Mobility? Or Does Independent Mobility Make Them Ready?

By Laurie Watanabe


Editor's Note

A New Strategy for a New Year

By Laurie Watanabe


Pediatrics Series

Power Mobility: Getting Parents Onboard

Funding Series

Yamaha's Next-Generation Power-Assist Readies for U.S. Debut

Funding Series

Powerful Prerogatives

Funding Series

Justify 'em: K0005s for Kids

Jobs from Indeed

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