October 2016 Mobility Management

October 2016


muscular dystrophy

Pediatric Series


Mobility Issues to Expect from Limb-Girdle, Emery-Dreifuss & FSHD MD

By Laurie Watanabe


Paralympic Games

Editor's Note

Mixed Messages

By Laurie Watanabe

Open CRT

Clinically Speaking

Open CRT & ALS: From Snowflakes to Ice Cubes

By Steve Mitchell


Josh McDermott

Josh McDermott: "Nothing More Rewarding Than Serving My Peers"

CP Client Finds Perfect Fit in OBSS Ortho-Shape Back

New Ottobock system provides fine-tuning in a custom-contoured back.

The Impact of Positioning in the Classroom Setting

Supporting mobility and participation with peers is crucial for all children.

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