February 2017 Mobility Management

February 2017


H.R. 3471

In the Driver's Seat

With the Veterans Mobility Safety Act Signed Into Law, What’s Next for the Automotive Adaptive Industry

By Laurie Watanabe

Pressure Injuries

ATP Series

Pressure Injuries: Do We Know What We Know?

How Current Research Is Shaping Future Risk Assessment


dynamic seating survey results

Clinically Speaking

Dynamic Seating: The Results Are In!

By Michelle L. Lange

distant space

Editor's Note

To Boldly Go

By Laurie Watanabe


Q-Logic 3 Electronics

CRT Technology Showcase

Q-Logic 3 Electronics: Ready Now & for Whatever Comes Next

autonomous automotive vehicles

Autonomous Vehicles: Along for the Ride

Seating Benefits Podcast with Ride Designs