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  • Sneak Peek: Meet Permobil's New Virtual Seating Coach

    Think you know all about Virtual Seating Coach (VSC)? Join Darren Hammond, MPT, CWS, to learn about the new version of VSC launching this fall with enhanced features, functions and clinical capabilities.

  • Clinician Confidential: The New i-Drive 4.0

    Join presenter Gabriel Romero of Stealth Products to learn how i-Drive 4.0’s configurability can provide new possibilities for power chair users of all ages.

  • Power Tilt & Recline: When, Why & How to Get Them Funded

    In this presentation you’ll learn the coverage criteria, clinical benefits and research in support of these crucial power seating functions, and gain practical tools to consider and incorporate when evaluating and documenting the need for power seat options.


  • Deep Tissue Injury Research Deep Tissue Injury Research

    In pressure ulcer conversations, ischemia — lack of adequate blood flow — has always gotten the most attention. But in this series dedicated to new pressure ulcer research, Amit Gefen, Ph.D. and Kara Kopplin discuss Deep Tissue Injury and how it could revamp how we think about pressure.

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