Tilt & Recline in Pediatric Mobility Products

Tilt-in-space frames have several design features that can have potential benefits for the client if used correctly. These features include the plane in which the tilt occurs, the direction and degree of tilt, the location of the tilt axis, and a fixed versus a floating pivot point.

In this presentation, Karen Missy Ball, MT, PT, ATP, will discuss distinctions between tilt and recline features within pediatric Convaid and R82 products. Clinical rationale for use and implications of each feature will be presented and discussed.

Uses and implications for recline as well as the use of a combination of tilt and recline will be presented and discussed. Convaid's new central axis tilt frame, the Flyer, will be presented as well.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Provide clinical reasons to use a posterior or anterior tilt-in-space frame.
  • Describe a clinical case scenario where a central gravity axis tilt frame would be most beneficial. Name advantages of central gravity axis tilt over traditional tilt.
  • Present the two methods in design currently used to reduce the shear that occurs with recline.
  • Make an educated clinical decision among tilt, recline or both for at least one of your clients. 

Duration: 1 hour
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Karen Missy BallAbout Our Speaker
Karen Missy Ball, MT, PT, ATP, is former acting director and assistant director of the physical therapy department at Children’s Hospital in New Orleans. She was the co-director of the seating program at Children’s for 10 years, as well as a consultant for United Cerebral Palsy Center’s seating clinic. Missy served as educational specialist for Freedom Designs for 21 years and presently is the educational consultant for Convaid. She has lectured nationally and internationally on seating and mobility for more than 20 years. Missy has a private practice specializing in pediatric neurology clientele for treatment and equipment needs, and is certified in pediatric NDT with a solid focus on improving function through treatment and equipment.

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