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Power Adjustable Seat Height: How High & Why?

Julie Piriano, PT, ATP/SMS, discusses how power adjustable seat height impacts how efficiently and safely clients transfer and reach, as well as how their posture and line of sight are impacted.

Custom Seating Reimagined

Find out how it's now possible to achieve a unique, individualized fit without relying on custom-molded seating.

Expanding Environments for Power Chair Users

Learn how power chair electronics can expand clients' ability to operate communications devices, personal electronics and environmental controls.

Putting Your World within Reach: Using Power Seat Functions to Enhance Independence

Join us to learn how clients can utilize an Active Reach position in their power wheelchairs to achieve functional, physiological and social benefits.

Play, Learn, Drive: How a Video Game Can Improve Power Chair Driving

Join Gabriel Romero as he introduces Stealth Products’ i-Drive LOONZ, the video game that assesses power chair skills, collects valuable clinical input, and motivates improvement, all in a safe, engaging environment.

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