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Power Wheelchair Alternative Driving Methods: Non-Proportional

This Webinar will review many alternative non-proportional driving methods using a decision-making hierarchy to guide the team toward appropriate options to evaluate and trial.

Date: Apr 23, 2020

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Drive-Wheel Configuration: Do We Know What We Know?

In this Webinar, Julie Piriano, PT, ATP/SMS shares Quantum Rehab's findings to help providers and clinicians further understand how to optimally match a wheelchair user's height, weight, body shape, activities and everyday environments with the best drive-wheel configurations.

Power Wheelchair Alternative Driving Methods: Proportional

Find out about the wide variety of alternative joysticks available to meet individual needs.

I Want My Patient to Stand: Evaluating & Justifying Standing Power

In this Webinar, Ashley Detterbeck, DPT, ATP/SMS, Clinical Education Manager/Central Region for Permobil Inc., will discuss evaluation strategies and justifications that are getting standing power wheelchairs covered… without appeals!

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