Medtrade Pictorial

Clifford Schorer
Keynote speaker Clifford Schorer — adjunct professor
and entrepreneur in residence at Columbia Business School
— warned Medtrade attendees: “We get in these comfort zones
where we look at things as they were in the past… HMEs have
a tremendous opportunity to capitalize on impending change.”

Invacare Corp. and Motion Concepts announced they would join
product portfolios, marketing efforts and sales forces to create
“the most effective seating & positioning line in the industry,”
according to Brian Ellacott (below), Invacare’s VP/GM
of commercial operations in North & South America.


Todd VanderHoogt
TiLite’s Todd VanderHoogt (left) chats with Medtech Services president
(and MM editorial advisory board member) Rick Graver.

Camouflage Seat
TiLite’s new upholstery options include official camouflage designs
from the U.S. armed forces. Patches can also be affixed to chair backs.

Karen Cavallo and Marty Ball
MM publisher Karen Cavallo caught up with TiLite’s Marty Ball.

Invacare’s Tiffany West demonstrated the new Visual
Configurator, designed to facilitate online ordering.

Jerry Keiderling
U.S. Rehab President Jerry Keiderling welcomed
attendees to the accessible NextGen home.

Jim Black
Jim Black, MM editorial advisory board member, in the Top End booth.

Ajility Lift
The Ajility Lift can hoist wheelchair users onto farm
equipment and other large machinery.

Quick Response
Pride Mobility Products and Quantum Rehab incorporated
Quick Response (QR) codes throughout their booth.
Attendees could scan the QR code into a smartphone and
receive additional information about the products on display.

John Zona and Don Clayback
MK Battery’s Power for Funding program resulted in hefty contributions
to the American Association for Homecare, NCART and NRRTS.
NRRTS President John Zona (left) and NCART Executive Director
Don Clayback accepted the checks at Medtrade.

Kenda Konstrictor K1051
The new Kenda Konstrictor K1051 uses the new R2C compound
“that blends the best attributes of traction, speed and durability.”

EZ-ACCESS’ creative displays were eye-catching as well as fully
functional for booth visitors wanting to compare and contrast ramp choices.

Q6 Edge
Quantum Rehab’s Q6 Edge boasts a Mid-Wheel 6 drive
design and the ability to accept a wide range of seating
and electronics options, including TRU-Balance Power Positioning.

Buckle Options
Bodypoint’s line of buckle options now includes (from top)
the push-button buckle, the Reduced Access buckle cover and the Security cover.

Embrace Back
The Comfort Company showed off its new Embrace back.

This article originally appeared in the January 2011 issue of Mobility Management.

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