BraunAbility Launches Accessible Traverse SUV

BraunAbility has launched an “expertly engineered” wheelchair-accessible conversion built on the Chevy Traverse SUV.

Red accessible Chevy Traverse with ramp deployed

The wheelchair-accessible vehicle manufacturer, who announced the new Traverse during the virtual Abilities Expo in late November, described the conversion as one that “blends the rugged style and swagger of an SUV with an interior cabin that is more spacious than many wheelchair minivans on the market.”

BraunAbility added that the Traverse’s accessible design was “refined by wheelchair users,” including the manufacturer’s online community of consumers, known as The Driving Force.

The Traverse’s features include a transfer seat that enables users to drive while seated in the driver’s seat or in their wheelchairs; step-and-roll seats that can be easily removed for flexible configurability; a heavy-duty ramp to accommodate larger power wheelchairs; ramp lighting to facilitate wheelchair maneuvering in the dark; room for third-row passengers to sit comfortably; and room for seven passengers in all.

The Traverse is a side-entry vehicle with a powered in-floor ramp. It can accommodate up to two wheelchair users.


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