Sunrise Medical Launches QUICKIE Q200 R

Sunrise Medical has added a compact, rear-wheel-drive power chair to its lineup.

QUICKIE Q200 R rear-wheel-drive power chair shown in three-quarters profile view.

The new QUICKIE Q200 was designed with a small footprint — its base is 23 inches wide — to facilitate maneuverability and transportability.

Jeff Rogers, Director of Power Product Management, said in the May news announcement, “With the Q200 R, our vision was to create a true indoor/outdoor power chair. One with super-tight indoor maneuverability and zero compromise on outdoor stability and performance. A large drive base means difficulty when maneuvering in tight environments. Too small, and it becomes tippy with a loss of traction. In development, we tested hundreds of configurations to find the perfect combination of maneuverability and performance.”

While the QUICKIE Q200 R is capable of climbing 3-inch curbs thanks to oversized, 9-inch front casters, it has a starting weight of just 216 lbs., making it compatible with hoist- and boom-style vehicle lifts. The chair’s back fully folds down, and leg and arm supports are removable, making the QUICKIE Q200 R capable of fitting into most SUVs and vans.

Rehab and captain’s seating is available, and the traditional 1-inch back posts accommodate a wide range of JAY backrests. The captain’s seat has an adjustable seat pan and semi-recline fold-down back.

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