Ki Mobility Launches CR45 Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair

Ki Mobility has launched the CR45 manual tilt-in-space wheelchair, which the manufacturer describes as boasting “outstanding features at an excellent value.”

CR45 manual wheelchair shown in profile, tilted back. Several ghosted images of the chair, tilted back at different angle measurements, are superimposed on the main photo.

In an Aug. 15 news release, Ki Mobility described the CR45’s patented Dual Path tilt design, which makes the chair “easier to tilt and manage weight throughout the entire 45-degree tilt range. The system is controlled by a simple plunger pin tilt mechanism that requires little to no cable adjustment. Tilt activation options include Dual Hand or Foot, so caregivers can choose what works best for them and the client.”

Noting that people don’t grow in one-inch increments, Ki Mobility said of the CR45, “You will appreciate the 70-degree and 80-degree front mount hangers. With expanded foot positioning operations, adjustments in 0.5-inch increments and extended footrest lengths, you can count on achieving the positioning the client needs.”

The CR45 has an adjustable-height back with fold-down stroller handles; the compact knuckle design on the handle allows for a range of motion from 30 to 270 degrees. Handles can be folded down flush against the back canes to facilitate transport.


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