Q&A with Jason J. Curtis, Ottobock

Skippi Power Chair Boasts Wide-Ranging Adaptability

Mobility Management: Tell us about the customer who can benefit most from the Skippi.

Ottobock's Senior Market Manager Jason J. Curtis: The Skippi pediatric power wheelchair has been designed specifically for children with mild seating and positioning needs, and who can navigate with a simple joystick. A one-of-a-kind power wheelchair, the Skippi can help them gain greater independence and mobility. Active kids at school or play can benefit from the features Skippi has to offer.

MM: What are the Skippi's main features and benefits?

JJC: The Skippi power wheelchair offers a range of setups, from a simple get-in-and-go mobility device, to a chair that can be operated with alternative control devices such as a head array, and which offers power seating and legrest adjustability.

The Skippi power base is also the most adaptable base on the market, offering a great variety of seating systems, such as planar seating from NuTec, modular seating from Leckey and custom seating from Ottobock.

MM: How have you made the Skippi "provider friendly"?

JJC: The Skippi pediatric power wheelchair is fully PDAC coded and crash tested.

Ottobock also offers free test drives to determine if power mobility is right for the child. Case studies and compelling user videos continue to confirm Skippi's contribution to a better quality of life.

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