In Search of a Unique HCPCS Code


Vasya Kobelev/

If you ask Pete Cionitti, director of product management at Therafin Corp., what the rehab world needs now is a new HCPCS code for head positioning technology.

The reason is that improving head positioning technology centers on three objectives: “lighter-weight materials, more intimacy of fit and custom tailoring without burdensome setup,” he says.

However, accomplishing these goals is challenging with today’s allowables.

“Technology advances require investment in research and development, and those investments need to be realized through economically sustainable product sales,” Cionitti says. “The state of the industry is trending toward ‘design to a code.’ This often results in a cheaper product versus an improved solution. Very few new technologies exist for this reason.”

A unique HCPCS code would improve funding and advance today’s head and neck positioning products.

This article originally appeared in the Seating & Positioning Handbook 2015-2016 issue of Mobility Management.

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