ROHO Scientific Board Presents Pressure Injury Research at ESS

ROHO’s Scientific Advisory Board presented new research on pressure injuries at the European Seating Symposium in a session called, “Improving Patient Outcomes: Bridging the Gap Between Science and Efficacy.”

The board, founded in 2014, comprises Chairman Dr. Amit Gefen, Tel Aviv University, Israel; Dr. Dan Bader, University of South Hampton, United Kingdom; Dr. Cees Oomens, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands; Dr. Joyce Black, University of Nebraska; and Dr. David Brienza, University of Pittsburgh.

Scientific Advisory Board members, ROHO said in a news announcement, represent top researchers in the fields of bioengineering, biomechanics and bio-medicine, “all focused on the prevention of deadly pressure injuries.”

At the Dublin meeting in June, the board presented research results to about 800 conference attendees.

“ROHO has formed this esteemed Scientific Advisory Board of top researchers, educators and practitioners in order to guide and educate the ROHO company regarding the latest discoveries around pressure injury prevention,” the cushion manufacturer said. “They additionally advise in the pursuit of the best care and prevention solutions for users of wheelchairs, based on the latest science and evidence.”

In particular, Gefen’s recent work has focused on deep tissue injuries and the fact that many injuries to skin and soft tissues don’t start on the surface of the skin, making them harder to detect using traditional practices such as watching for changes in skin color or texture.

Gefen, the immediate past president of the European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel, will be presenting “The Etiology of Pressure Ulcers: Deformation Is a Cell Killer” on Nov. 8 in Sydney, Australia.

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