Cheelcare Launches New Companion Model

Canadian manufacturer Cheelcare has launched the Companion Plus power-assist system for manual wheelchairs.

Man sitting in wheelchair with Cheelcare Companion power assist

In a May 19 news announcement, Cheelcare called the Companion Plus “an enhanced version” of its front-mount power-assist device. As its predecessor does, the Companion Plus fits adult and pediatric manual chairs, folding and rigid.

Enhancements include upgrades to the system’s motor, controller, tire, mounting hardware and LCD display.

Eugene Cherny, Cheelcare’s CEO said, “Cheelcare is on a mission to radically improve the quality of life and independence for people with physical disabilities. We enhanced every component of Companion Plus to offer a premium power-assist device for wheelchair users looking for elevated performance and an even greater ride experience.“

The Companion Plus model includes a larger motor for faster performance, along with an advanced controller for greater range. Additional features include a new display with a five-speed selector, non-marking tires for improved indoor use, and a parking brake for enhanced safety.

Cheelcare says the Companion Plus has a range of 18.6 miles on a full three-hour charge, compared to a 16-mile range for the Companion. And the Companion Plus has a top speed of 16 mph versus a 15-mph top speed for the Companion.

The lightweight system weighs less than 20 lbs./10 kg, and can be connected or disconnected in less than 10 seconds, thanks to a quick-release mechanism.

For more information on the Cheelcare Companion, visit Cheelcare is headquartered in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

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