ACHC Introduces Telehealth Certification

The accelerated adoption of telehealth and remote services over the last two years is one of the few silver linings to come from the COVID-19 pandemic.

In recognition of the importance of this technology, the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) now offers Telehealth Certification “that focuses on improving patient outcomes for organizations using remote patient monitoring, biometrics, and video and audio technologies for encounters or education,” the organization said in an April 20 news announcement.

ACHC added that the Telehealth Certification “does not require accreditation and is available for any healthcare provider or organization that delivers health-related services via electronic information and telecommunication technologies.”

Organizations who have earned accreditation from ACHC can apply for a Distinction in Telehealth, a program that’s similar to the certification, but “takes into account the existing understanding of the organization’s structure, policies, and procedures.”

Telehealth certification will require “independent, third-party review” using a survey that focuses on compliance with ACHC standards, the organization added.

ACHC Program Director Teresa Hoosier said in the announcement, “The pandemic really pushed healthcare providers to adopt and grow telehealth services to maintain access for patients and, as a result, many of our clients were seeking ways to optimize this offering in the context of providing quality services. ACHC Telehealth Certification establishes national standards. It promotes best practices for digital healthcare services. It confirms quality, safety, and consistency – strengthening trust in an organization and assuring patients that they are receiving the best care possible.”


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