Sunrise Medical Launches SEDEO PRO ADVANCED Seating System

The QUICKIE powered seating family has a new member.

The SEDEO PRO ADVANCED seating system is shown on a QUICKIE power wheelchair, parked in partial profile. The wheelchair has neon green accents on tires and casters.

In an April 25 news announcement, Sunrise Medical introduced the SEDEO PRO ADVANCED seating system, available on the QUICKIE Q700 power wheelchair base.

The SEDEO PRO ADVANCED, which is replacing the SEDEO ERGO, joins the SEDEO Lite and SEDEO PRO seating systems.

Sunrise Medical’s announcement said the SEDEO PRO ADVANCED offers 165 degrees of power recline supported by 7 inches of “patented biomedical anti-shear to maintain the positioning of the head support throughout its full range of movement.”

The system’s Biometric Repositioning “allows wheelchair users to effortlessly move from a reclined to seated position through a precise sequence of tilt, recline, and powered leg supports, providing the maximum amount of pressure relief without losing their seated position.”

Programmable Pressure Relief Alert Reminders (PRAR) notify wheelchair users when it’s time to reposition themselves to reduce their pressure injury risk. A new multi-link arm support adjusts to each user’s exact positioning needs to bring the joystick closer while maintaining a slimmer profile.

When used with the Q700-UP M, SEDEO PRO ADVANCED “offers a higher standing angle and faster speed when standing and driving,” the announcement said.

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