Product Comparison

  • Cushion Comparo 2016 wheelchair seat cushion comparison

    Our annual comparison of wheelchair seat cushions includes specifications and applications to meet the needs of all your complex rehab clients.

From the Magazine

  • Accomodate or Intervene? Ultimate Seating Guide

    Should a wheelchair seating system accommodate a client's current posture or seek to intervene and change it?

  • Pediatric Pictorial Teddy bear playing a guitar

    It's all about the kids: Take a look at the latest pediatric-focused seating, positioning and mobility technology. PLUS: Making the case for kids being able to stand, 24-hour posture support, and Etac emerges as a go-to pediatric player.

  • Comprehending Cushion Codes Various Cushion Codes

    Skin protection, positioning, adjustability: How wheelchair seat cushion codes are defined, and what their definitions do -- and don't -- mean for medical justification.

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