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  • Accessibility Comparo 2016 Accessibility Comparo

    Pictorial and specification comparisons of products that make environments in the home and outside it more accessible for wheelchair users and their families.

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  • In the Driver's Seat H.R. 3471

    Now that H.R. 3471 is officially law, what's down the road for the automotive adaptive industry? Plus: The future of autonomous vehicles.

  • Pressure Injuries: Do We Know What We Know? Pressure Injuries

    Researchers' evolving understanding of seated pressure and risk assessment could shape future complex rehab technology offerings.

  • Early Intervention Possibilities astronaut in rocketship

    Technology offers independent mobility to children at ever-younger ages. But obstacles to early intervention do persist.

Current Issue

ISS Product Showcase

küschall® Champion™

küschall Champion

Experience the driving performance and the stability of a rigid wheelchair with all the advantages of a foldable one. Exceptional features are the high stability and stiffness of the frame. Steplessly adjustable in many ways, the Champion suits most types of users. With its unique horizontal folding mechanism, the Champion is a rigid wheelchair that folds.




SmartDrive, now with PushTracker, is a lightweight power add-on for manual chairs. SmartDrive takes care of the heavy lifting. PushTracker counts your pushes, and gives you the ability to customize your cruise control. With SmartDrive you go further, and do more. It is Independence…Rediscovered.

MAX Mobility

Ultra-Light Wheelchair

Elevation Ultra-Light Wheelchair

Elevation enables increased function, independence, and comfort. Suitable for a range of users, it allows them to embraced daily activity. Unique features like gas strut suspensions, ultra-lightweight frame, dynamic seat height, and adjustable back angle, makes for a higher adaptable chair. Finally, users can adjust sitting posture to suit activity.


New and Improved Ride Java Back Hardware

Java Back

The Java Back Support’s new quick-release hardware is simpler, lighter, more rigid and more compact—all at no extra cost—ensuring a quick fit. Height, depth, angle, pelvic support, and trunk balance can all be adjusted. The hardware offers 20 degrees of back angle adjustability, two inches of seat depth range, and significant back width adjustability. Crash tested to meet the performance requirements for WC20 and ISO16840-4.

Ride Designs®

i Drive

i Drive

The i Drive is the most advanced wheelchair drive control to date! Designed with Trident Technologies around a proprietary Central Processing Unit (CPU) and the Advanced Programming Software (APS), this combination of hardware and software brings state of the art technology to the alternative drive control industry!

Stealth Products

Quickie QM-7 Series with SEDEO Ergo Seating

Quickie QM-7 series with SEDEO Ergo seating

Combine function and luxury for a unique driving experience. SpiderTrac™ 2.0 Suspension for confidence over obstacles, reliable 4-pole motors, C-Me 12” elevation, and our most inspired portfolio of power seating options ever. Now available with SureTrac™ and Bluetooth.

Sunrise Medical

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